Did you Move? Replacement Die Only

Item #:PSA-ReplacementDie
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This is a REPLACEMENT DIE ONLY. You have to already own a PSA Essentials stamping device and just want to switch out the die (Ex. error on your stamp, moved and need new address). An alignment tool is recommended, but the die can be replaced without one. You just have to make sure that it is aligned straight and it may be a little messy.

Please follow the character limit guidelines for the particular design that you choose. There is a 55 character limit for the outside text ring of all round stamp designs and all capital letters will be used.

** Please note..your original stamping device had to be made July 2009 or later. You should have the Peel & Stick Logo on the black section of your stamping device. The die will not peel off if the stamping device was made prior to July 2009.